Mariette Papic

Apocalypse fireworks

I tried to write a poem

The way I always do

Last second

First minute after the count


Late bloomer

to school

to the party

the office

So I seek to resurrect myself

Submit to the barely on time


Circadian clocks and their rhythms

I submit to my body

Lay down in my biology

Look into the transpiration made breath

I submit

In the nick of time

To rising up

The weaving through

The vining in

The hyphal hyphenate hugging

Transformation happens in the offset hours

I see a beach. Stretching

reflecting into the ocean

like Christmas in April

tide pools dazzling with the lights

orange and blue moon

Drifting in silence

Save for the roar and the fills

Shapes carved in the sand


Self dreamt into sand

Dreams as trees

Drawn up into the lungs


#National Poetry Month



Mariette Papic

Mariette Papic

Artist. Poet. Apocalypse rider. Lover of regeneration.