This Is A Biological Correction

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

I am writing today with an undiagnosed tightness in my chest. I have herbs and oils, and am treating myself at home since a COVID test seems about as out of reach as the peak of a distant mountain. It also seems somewhat superfluous, since I home treat for all my health conditions unless absolutely necessary. No matter my situation, I am writing out this thought that has been with me for weeks, before I felt these symptoms. No matter what happens next, I am centered in knowing that this pandemic is a biological correction and it is not pretty for us, the world’s humans.


You have probably heard all the stories of how this COVID-19 virus got started. It was bio-engineered say some, or it transmitted itself from the wet market slaughter stage to humans. You might have even heard a doctor mention it could be related to the rollout of 5G. The origins are interesting but the overarching story is bigger than any one truth that pinpoints its genesis. The story here is that our old ways of thinking, of degrading people and planet is being curtailed.

We as humans have gotten a little bit comfy with thinking of ourselves as everything from masters of the planet to its most troubling weed species. We have gotten used to having time to debate all of these systemic issues while our lives continue along paths we can’t seem to stop. With the COVID pandemic, this pattern of capitulation is being brought to a halt.

Every project to unite the world towards local action, and local resilience in the form of micro economies and micro living are actually being catalyzed in a way that no string of wildfires, floods or other calamities could manage. It was simply to easy to negate the daisy chain of events, too convenient and often too necessary to simply triage the symptoms of consistent environmental degradation. Now with this global pandemic, with approximately 25% of the global population on lockdown, we have something too broad to ignore.

The deeper we get living the reality of this global pandemic the more we are moving micro. We are living our daily lives in smaller spaces, traveling smaller distances to get supplies. The unifying global experience of life right now is that it is getting smaller, and that leads us to think about a foundational truth underlying all these big, broad topics that circulate around health and justice, around staying in balance and providing ourselves with societies of equity. The micro is always the foundation for the meso and macro stages and we humans are being shown that if the mid-sized and big-sized changes in our planet don’t get our attention, then nature will correct our ways through its tiniest components.


We humans come from humble origins and however you rationalize our genesis the science shows we are standing on the shoulders of microbes. Increasingly doctors use microbial life to heal us of chronic diseases and to regenerate our farmlands and soil. This shift to a regenerative agriculture and over-archingly regenerative culture, is one that learns from nature’s most basic organizing structures. Within nature everything is valuable and the waste of one thing is used and transformed by other. Within nature the poisoning of entire systems is counter productive and produces a response.

Now is our time to connect the dots between susceptibility of our bodies and that of our economies to the health of our ecosystems. Now is our opportunity to make great shifts in how we approach our unity with all that supports our inner health and strength. We are microbial creatures as much as we are humans. We are ecosystems hosting microbiomes and if they are compromised through pollution and toxicity we are seeing that so are we.

You may hear about markets correcting and now becoming depressed. You may feel yourself, a little humbled and sometimes depressed. Let yourself feel all you need to, and then let your natural resilience kick in. Tap your inner springs of inspiration and let them flow. We are the resilience. We are the answer, and this collapsing of exploitation is our opportunity to regain something no government or existing human made system can give to us.

This collapse feels like a constriction on our lives, a tightening of our dedicated lifelines. In my own body, as I write to you I can tell you that if I have COVID, the throat doesn’t feel exactly sore as much as it does tightened. The lungs don’t feel painful as much as they feel constricted. I promise you I will be fine, and someday I will get tested at least for the antibodies. Someday I will join the ranks of celebrities and politicians with impeccable healthcare and I will have valid tested data to prove my story. Right now though, my story and experience of this pandemic sits inside me and that is fine.

What it is telling me is never panic, breathe in slowly, work with the plants, treat food and drink and water as medicine. Trust yourself to know yourself. And though I might sound like a broken record right now remember: You are the resilience.